2 thoughts on “DWTN LA

  1. Love your photos! I’m very surprised you were able to take a few photos of the subway and not have security stop you. The metro in LA is very strict about “safety” and actively try to stop all photography.

    Either that or they’re just racially profiling me as I look middle eastern.


    1. Thank you! Oh and it was a quick snap shot because I had to catch the subway train – I have been wanting to go back and just ride it since LA has a lot of artwork displayed through out their routes. I’ll keep you posted… I want more of the one I got though – Jonathan Borofsky, ‘I Dreamed I Could Fly
      Life’ (almost looks like miniature people committing suicide or drank Wonka’s Fizzy Lifting Soda to float above you). Maybe it’s certain areas, but look they do tours supposedly: http://media.metro.net/about_us/images/Art_Guide.pdf


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