The Girl on the Other Side of the Computer Screen

What exactly is Slight Charm, or is it a who?

Slight Charm's first picture for her second round of 'About Me' pics.

My name is Daphne. And simply put I am an awkward adolescent that has recently evolved (or devolved depending on who you ask) into a gypsy. My occupation as a nomad has me stumbling through my 20s in a city possibly near you. ‘Slight Charm’ is documentation of my destinationless journey – it is where I have decided to capture, preserve, and share thoughts, moments, and lessons through text and photographs.

Still want to find out more? Read the ‘MySpace-like About Me’ TMI Section” Below:

I do not find myself to be photogenic due to my natural instinct to pose with my mouth open wide, making my face resemble the mask of the movie serial killer Scream. 

So I have not mastered the angles of a camera or partake in my generation’s obsession with selfies. But my dog is quite the model and loves the camera. Also I am a “mouth breather,” making Irish Car bombs and blows jobs difficult to accomplish in a timely manner. And I talk with my hands to the point of distraction. All the above is why I am writing a blog rather than recording a vlog.

Not-so-hidden talents of mine include large consumption of adult beverages and food. When I say “shotgun” I mean “frumble,” a more entertaining and death defining version. A personal life goal is to complete the Chupacabra Challenge, a food challenge from my Alumni town that is equally
death defining as frumbling. Lastly my humor is comparable to that of most people’s Father’s.

On a deeper psychological level, I could literally listen to the same song continuously for hours and not always notice its infinite repeat. I laugh a lot – like when others are laughing and even when I am uncomfortable. I have a lot of fears with no real scientific standing or “reason” such as scarring childhood events.

With all that said, luckily for me people still find me slightly charming. And sometimes they even find my point-of-view and stories entertaining. So here I am baring it all, in written word that is.

*disclaimer: on most occasions I write drunk and maybe revise sober before posting; and other times I write sober and revise drunk. 

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Lastly got questions, concerns, or appraisal? Email me!

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